• Electrosurgery

    This a treatment using an electric current to burn off superficial growths on the skin. A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin for 30 minutes prior to the treatment.  Skin tags, warts, oil glands and other superficial growths can be removed using this treatment. The skin will scab and heal after 5-7 days.

  • Keloids and Scars

    Keloids are excessive growths of scar tissue. They commonly occur if acne is not treated or after trauma, surgery, vaccinations and ear and body piercing. They may grow and cause pain and itch.These can be treated with injecting a steroid solution into the keloid or via laser surgery.


    Other scars can be treated using topical creams or with fractional laser surgery. 

  • Mole Removal

    Moles can be removed via a simple outpatient laser or surgical procedure. A dermatologist needs to assess the type of mole before deciding on which modality is to be used. Following laser surgery, there is a down time of 1 week. 
  • Skin Tag Removal

    Skin tags are benign, excess growths of skin which commonly occur on the neck, underarms, groins and eyelids. This is easily treated using Electrosurgery after the application of a topical anaesthetic cream. It is an outpatient procedure which can be performed in less than 30 minutes. The majority of patients heal with no scars. The downtime is 5-7 days following the procedure, after which the scabs fall off. Normal daily activities can be resumed during this down time.  

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